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Henrietta, New York is not a borough of New York City!

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This author is a long time resident in the southern suburbs of Rochester NY who likes to share some of her favorite places in the area.


Welcome to Henrietta... my Hometown

The reason I say that Henrietta, New York is not part of NYC is because when I was traveling on the road with my family, most kids, and a lot of adults, thought this was so.

As soon as you said New York, you could See in their eyes the high rise buildings, traffic, glamour, and even the perceived danger of The Big Apple in their eyes.

OK, so this is a little literary license, since I was a child then, too.

Henrietta is just south of Rochester in Upstate New York, which is also not part of New York City. Really.

Driving Directions to Henrietta, New York - Plan on Taking a Roadtrip in the Area? Stop in!

Have you been to Henrietta, NY? - If you've been to MarketPlace Mall, you have.

(These were some of the responses to a debate module when this article was featured in Squidoo prior to acquisition in 2014.)

Wednesday-Elf: Oh, yeah -- I've been to Henrietta, NY. Spent my 'formative years' living in Rochester! :-)

myneverboredhands: No, never been there... so, looking forward to know this town better.

Tinker Park

Farm & farmhouse

Nature park

Walking trails



Fairy trail (moved to Mendon Ponds)

A Charming Video Featuring the Tinker Park Fairy Trail

"Come on to My House... My House..."

My House in Henrietta

My House in Henrietta

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Oops, can you spot Rascal, our Chocolate Labrador?

He's also a resident of Henrietta, the sneaky boy. He somehow opened the screen door to escape. But he's highly aware he did a naughty. See how he is so low to the ground? He's admitting he's guilty as charged.

Plenty of Snow for Area Winter Sports

Largest of the Great Lakes, Ontario Lake to the north gives the Greater Rochester, NY area the most Lake Effect snow, but Erie Lake to the just west of Buffalo, sometimes contributes quite a bit of Lake effect snow as well. But those 2 lakes and the area wide snow storms Rochester and the Henrietta average 100 inches per year. Surprisingly, although you may be aware that Buffalo gets a lot of snow, the average is only 93.4 inches.

Lakes, Large Ponds, and Waterfalls


Find homes in Henrietta, New York - In Monroe County and the Rush-Henrietta School District

New York City is Not the Only City in New York State...

In order of highest population, at the time if publishing this article.
Credit: 2010 U.S. Census complied at

# Highest PopulationCityPopulation


New York City














Rochester Lilac Festival - Only 10 minutes from Henrietta

Mounted Police at the Rochester Lilac Festival

Mounted Police at the Rochester Lilac Festival

Go Buffalo Bills! Henrietta Doesn't Have Any Professional Sports...,

... and Rochester doesn't have a football team, so quite a lot of us are Buffalo Bills Fans. Whether they deserve it, or not.

Farms Make Up A Big Part Of Henrietta, NY


Did You Enjoy Your Virtual Tour of Henrietta, New York? Please Leave a Comment.

Wednesday-Elf from Savannah, Georgia on March 09, 2012:

Stopping back by to say hi to Henrietta (NY). Hope your winter hasn't been too bad this year. :)

Wednesday-Elf from Savannah, Georgia on June 30, 2011:

Funny you mentioned people not familiar with NY State thinking Henrietta (or any part of western NY State) is just a suburb of NYC. I went to college (from Rochester) in Kansas (long story) and people 'out there' (who had never been to the East Coast) asked me such questions as "Do you go into New York City to do your grocery shopping?". Duh -- NYC is 400 miles from Rochester! LOL. Yes, mention New York and everyone assumes it's ALL New York City! Love your western NY stories!

outsource123 on December 07, 2010:

Cheers, that lense was pure awesome.

myneverboredhands on October 02, 2010:

Interesting lens. Someday I'm going to visit this little town... Thanks for sharing info about it.

anonymous on October 01, 2010:

Great tour of your hometown! Blessed!

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