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7 Great Things About Colorado

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Boulder Falls, CO

Boulder Falls, CO

A few years ago, I’d never even been to Colorado. For some reason, I was always under the impression that it was a hot, desert type of environment. After making my very first trip up to this magnificent state, I didn’t even want to make the drive back home. With the unbelievable sunsets, green grass, and clean air, it was like walking into an Instagram photo.

Much to the dismay of the natives of Colorado, the cat’s out of the bag. This place is awesome, and it makes total sense that so many folks are flocking up to the mountains by the thousands.

It's Cold 7 to 8 Months Out of The Year

If you live in the south, you’re aware of the extreme, oppressive, year-round heat. The “cold season,” if you can even call it that, only lasts for about 4 months. Summers are muggy, with the humidity lasting throughout the night.

Colorado has the exact opposite climate. From the end of September until about the end of May, the temperature remains at 70F or lower. Although the sun can be rather hot at the height of the warm season, the nights are always nice and cool.

Once the winter comes though, it snows. Like a lot. If you plan to visit around this time, make sure your vehicle can withstand the sleet, and don’t forget your chains! Snow chains are required by law on some of the highways during the cold season.


It's a Dog-Friendly State

Colorado has entire park areas dedicated to off-leash play, and I’m not just talking about your typical rinky-dink field. The Cherry Creek Reservoir is separated into several sections, one of them being specifically for pets. The same rules apply as anywhere else; keep your dog within sight, don’t allow them to bully other pets, and clean up after yourself. As far as preferences go, I like the amount of distance you can put between yourself and other owners.

In tighter, crowded parks, there’s more competition over dominance and personal space, therefore more dog fights. At Cherry Creek, there’s plenty of room to roam.

It's Clean and Green

One thing I constantly hear people complaining about is how high the taxes are in this state. They're not wrong.


I don’t care how many “don’t mess with Texas” signs are posted along the highway; it doesn’t stop people from dumping their trash anywhere and everywhere. In Houston, parks were poorly maintained, littered with beer cans, water bottles, and fast food containers. Colorado seems to be more environmentally conscious, and the wages are a bit higher to compensate for the tax rates.

If you want to visit or live someplace nice, it's unavoidable to pay the price.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

The Wilderness Is In Your Backyard

No matter where you live or how much money you’re bringing in, you don’t have to be rich to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. While I plan on buying some land in the coming years, I’m currently stuck in the city. Even so, I get to spend plenty of time in the great outdoors.

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Around the Denver area, hiking attractions such as the Redrocks Amphitheatre and Dinosaur Ridge are a short 30 to 45-minute drive depending on the traffic. Boulder Falls is an hour, maybe an hour and a half worth of driving...but it's so worth the drive.

We can’t all afford lavish cabin vacations, but who needs them when Mother Nature is all around you?

Downtown is Just As Fun!

For my 29th birthday, I took a little walk through Downtown Denver “RiNo'' district. Thorough North Broadway, building after building is completely covered in colorful, professionally designed graffiti. Owls, aliens, and anti-racism artwork flows across each business like a river of color.

If you get a chance, don’t forget to check out the Denver Aquarium! While it's a bit smaller than other aquariums I’ve been to, it's just as fascinating and informative as any other. I saw a porcupine in leash-training, pet a sting-ray, and witnessed a Mermaid’s Purse in person.

The aquarium also offers internships from time to time, if you ever decide you’re interested in a Marine Biology career.

RiNO District, Downtown Denver

RiNO District, Downtown Denver

People are Pretty Nice

Although no one in Colorado seems to know how to use a turn signal or understands the function of a stop sign, most folks out here are incredibly friendly. This is somewhat of an adjustment if you’re from a state where people are rather...confrontational. In Colorado, people regularly smile, wave, say hello, and try to make small talk.

Yeah, I said it. Nothing is better than knowing you can open up a dispensary site, order online, and pick up a little “sleepy time tea” in a safe environment. Honestly, as an adult, it's like walking into a literal candy store.

But with weed.

Another fun little activity available to tourists and locals alike is the actual cannabis tours. While I’ve not experienced one myself, the Colorado Cannabis website offers package deals with options such as breweries, nurseries, and joint-rolling lessons.

To sum things up, I love this magical state and all that it has to offer. I can’t wait for the next adventure.

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