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Apex Legends: 5 Bloodhound Quotes That Gamers Will Never Forget

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Bloodhound's quotes reflect their genuine emotions and thoughts despite their introverted personality.

Their backstory, revealed in the Apex Chronicles event, offers deep dialogues between them and Artur, as well as other characters.

Here's a list of seven memorable Bloodhound quotes that will stick in the gamers' minds for a long time.

Note: If you want to know more about the Technological Tracker of Apex Legends, read their personality analysis.


“I, Blódhundr, will slátra.”

In their first serious test, Artur asks Bloodhound to track and kill a giant monster residing in an abandoned lab. That's where they contact high-tech for the first time and get their hands on an actual gun. Upon grabbing the weapon, they go, "I, bloodhound, will slaughter."

It is one of the iconic Bloodhound quotes, revealing their knack for technology despite the Old Ways.

"You are afraid of a power you do not understand."

After shooting the monster with a gun, Bloodhound returns its horn to their uncle, Artur. But to their shock, he refuses to endorse them. Artur believes that Bloodhound betrayed the Old Ways by utilizing technology to survive, which leads to a heated argument.

Frustrated by their uncle's narrowmindedness, Bloodhound says, "you are afraid of a power you do not understand." But Artur has no respect for any device against the Old Ways.

"I have spent ten winters proving myself to you."

Bloodhound loses their parents at a very young age and is raised by their uncle. But during the cinematic cutscenes of Bloodhound, Stories from the Outlands, it's revealed that he hasn't been easy on them.

The soon-to-be Technological Tracker says, "I have spent ten winters proving myself to you," uncovering their buried rage towards their uncle.

"I failed you. Forgive me."

After an argument with their uncle, Bloodhound storms off the house only to realize that a monster, one they thought they killed earlier, is about to attack Artur's house. Feared for their uncle's safety, Bloodhound yells, "Arthur, Né!" But they can't save him; Artur dies at the hands of the monster.

Feeling guilty for their uncle's faith, Bloodhound uses their last words to apologize, saying, "I failed you. Forgive me."

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"Farewell; go now, to Valhalla end."

With their Old Norse-inspired traditions, the ship burial sails Bloodhound's uncle's body to Valhalla, his final adventure. Saying goodbye to Artur, now a broken nephew, Bloodhound goes, "Farewell; go now, to Valhalla end."

"I am no God, and I am no nothing. I am Blóðhundur."

After their uncle's passing away, Bloodhound struggles with guilt and shame. It's only during their special Apex Chronicles event, Old Ways, New Dawn, that they confront the past and rise above it.

In the final moments of the event, Bloodhound encounters ghosts of their dead families and friends, the incarnation of their fears and negative emotions. However, this time they don't let the voices belittle them.

Despite Artur's ghost blaming Bloodhound for everyone's death, they say, "I am no God, and I am no nothing. I am Blóðhundur," stopping the haunting voices immediately.

"Go to Valhalla knowing you are not alone, and you are not lost."

After confronting their past, Bloodhound is left with their dying Prowler. However, they don't blame themselves for its fate. Instead, they apologize for being unable to help, acknowledging that death is a part of life. Bloodhound then proceeds to say, "Go to Valhalla knowing you are not alone, and you are not lost."

Honorary Voice Line Mentions

As an introverted character, Bloodhound doesn't have many quotes. But one thing's for sure: all of them are memorable.

Here are some of their voice lines that reflect on their tragic past, current beliefs, and opinions as the Technological Tracker of Apex Legends.


"Honor is in the challenge, pride in the victory."

One of Bloodhound's most famous quotes, this one reflects their practicality. Like any ambitious warrior, they see value in both the challenge and victory but only take pride in the latter.

"For my love, for Boone, I assure we will meet in the halls of Valhalla."

Although an innocent-sounding line, this particular quote is quite tragic. Boone was another hunter who had a short-lived romance with Bloodhound before passing away. Just like their uncle, Bloodhound blamed themselves for his death.

"The old ways and the new, I will use both to guide us."

Bloodhound is one of the deadliest hunters in the Titanfall universe, a deadly master of the Old Ways. However, they are also a technology expert, able to track targets in seconds.

Their iconic voice line, "The old ways and the new, I will use both to guide us," is a reference to their being the first member of the tribe to embrace technology, denying that it is against the Old Ways.

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