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Can Your Dilemmas Be a Culprit to Evoke Humor and Uncontrolled Laughter?


  • Can your dilemmas be a culprit to evoke humor and uncontrolled laughter? And Is this humor beneficial to your health?
  • How many times you guffaw over conversations that seem to be boring and evoke sadness?
  • Can you mention the last time that you launch a genuine smile that expresses your real ecstasy?
  • Can a tragedy triggering severe pain for us becomes a source of laughing over time?

In fact, your cheerful and beaming flicker of smile passed your lips can be an effective remedy for your problems: feed your brain with healthy manners, boost your immune and prolong your life. But, when this simple movement of curving the corners (smile) turns into continuous uncontrolled laughter and exceeds its limit, it can be detrimental to your health.

Why we Laugh And Use Humor In Our Life ?

The neuroscientist Robert provine made many studies to know why people laugh ? He showed that only 10% to 20% of people have an genuine giggle and the other 80% of people have " primarily a social vocalization that binds people together. It is an instinctive behavior programmed by our genes."

In fact, the majority of people disguise in uncontrolled laughter's mask and fake smile by using hysterical laughter. But why we perform this act? To take a holiday from the realities of our pains,suffering and gloom cast over us, release stress, assuage our fears and convey social message that every thing is okay. So, we laugh out long and loud until our throats become throat and our breath are robbed.

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Uncontrolled Laughter Is Harmful To Your Health And May Lead To Death

If you have uncontrolled laughter, this refers that you are exposed to catch diseases like Pseudobullar affect (PBA). It is an condition that is characterized by episodes of sudden uncontrollable and inappropriate laughing. In fact, this condition can be embarrassing to your daily life as you express your emotions in exaggerations. Also ,continuous laughter without halt may lead to heath.

The Effect Of Humor On Comedian People

If humor and uncontrolled laughter is benefit for your health, we expect the comedians to be the most healthier people in the world but, unfortunately this is untrue. According to Dr Gil Greengross " humor may not be so good for your health". If you want to make sure of this information, let's dwell on the health of comedian and humor writers whose humor is apart of their profession. Many studies are applied to show the harm of humor on the life of comedians and the results showed that comedians and humor writers die younger compared to outstanding figures in different fields like actors.Also, their mortality rate is higher compared to singers and actors.

Study Shows That Comedians Have Common Characteristics With People With Schizophrenia And Manic Depression

One study, out of Oxford University was applied over 523 comedians, 364 actors, 831 from careers that strapped for creativity. Then, they ask them to complete an survey designed to uncover their most defining characteristics. The questions are like that "Do you suffer from concentration problems?", Do you suffer from social problems ?", " Do you like gathering with people or you prefer isolation?

The results showed that comedians have common characteristics with people with schizophrenia and manic depression and this makes them seem to be humorous and hilarious. Also, they have tendency to isolation from other people and they have flatness .These traits are acquired due to their stressful job. The results also showed that comedians have higher levels of depression and thus ,this depression enables them to be funny.

Tragedy Can Result To Humor And Uncontrolled Laughter

"Humor is tragedy plus time ", said mark Twain. It seems that saying is true. Peter Mcgraw and his friends at the University of Colorado try to find answer to tragedy that leads to laughter. He divides tragedy occurring to us and our relatives into two parts : small tragedies and large tragedies. Small tragedies (mishaps) generate humor in the time of its occurrence and as time passed,they become less and less funny. On the other hand, large tragedies become more and more funny over time ,but in the time of its occurrence, they seem to be less funny.

For example, imagine that a thief steals from you one dollar. This seems to evoke humor at first as losing one dollar didn't have negative consequences but, over time passed, this feelings of humor will fade in the long run of life. Instead ,if this thief steals two thousand dollar from you, this seems to be less funny as this act has severe repercussions over you. But over time, when you become more detached from this situation, it seems to be more funny. Mel brooks gives the best exact words to this matter by his saying " Tragedy is when I cut my finger .Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die. "

People Die Due To Continuous And Uncontrolled Laughter

In fact, there were a lot of people who fell victims to death due to laughing. King Martin of Aragon died of death due to hearing a humorous joke from his court jester. This joke evokes laughing for several hours and finally, he died. Also, Thomas Urquhart has the same scenario of death due to hearing that Charles II had taken the throne of England, Ireland and Scotland in 1660. Another state assuring death from laugh is the story of the Danish audiologist man called Ole Bentzen who died while laughed uncontrollably during watching this movie " A fish Called Wanda."

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