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How to Stand Out at Your Exhibition

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Being noticed at an exhibition is part and parcel of the day. The challenge is standing out within a sea of businesses and competitors and diverting the attention to you.

The stand design, the way you present yourselves and what you have to offer are aspects of what’s needed to create interest. Looking at the amount of time, effort and money it takes to attend an event, it’s makes business sense to want to capture as much new business as possible.

Standing out doesn’t have to be difficult, so here are several tips you can implement to make a positive change to how your exhibition space is viewed.

Eco-Friendly Exhibition Stands & Displays

Eco-friendly stands are making big waves in the exhibition hall, and the popularity of going to an event with some form of sustainable product is growing.

For companies who are sustainable themselves or taking steps to make conscious tradeshow choices, then eco-friendly displays are the perfect solution. Card and fibreboard can make some incredible displays, including eye catching designs, that are strong and reusable.

Use the sustainable materials to draw attention for the design and the recyclable credentials.

Team Work

They say team work, makes the dream work, and they could be right.

Pulling together as a team, will make for a seamless customer experience and provide an unforgettable visit.

Giving the highest level of customer service means the stand members need to be well educated on the products, the pricing and how best to support the customer.

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Take on designated roles to maximise the overall stand experience for the customer.

Interactive Elements

What’s more appealing than playing a game or getting involved with an activity.

Adding an interactive element makes it easier to entice and approach stand visitors. It also brings out the fun side of the business and the competitiveness of the people who are playing.

It’ll effectively grab attention and naturally lead into a professional, business conversation.

Go Bespoke

In a room full of Pop Up Exhibition Stands, how can you excel your stand design to be noticed in a room of competitors?

Speaking with a stand builder or designer can help navigate you to the available options and how bespoke stands can be created. With ideas such as higher backdrops, arches, overhead displays and creative stand shapes, the choices are as big as the available budget.

Going bespoke will get you seen, but a bigger budget will be required.


Use your artwork to your advantage and use the exhibition stand panels to showcase a custom design. Don’t be lost in the crowd with drab, predictable designs, use this opportunity to deliver a spectacle.

Fonts, colours and image all play a part in an attractive backdrop.


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