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How to Teach Your Puppy to Stay?

I am a Dog Mom of puppies Austin(Golden Retriever) and Choco(Pug) and love to share their stories, images, puppy training and behavior tips.

If you have already taught your puppy to sit, so now you just increase the duration and reward for doggy patience. The "Stay" command just asks the puppy to sit in place and extends butt-floor contact time. You can use this power command to prevent your puppy from chasing animals, going out of the door when people are coming and going, jumping on people, just keeping him still while you wait for your Vet Appointment.

The Stay command also helps curb your puppy's impulse behavior. The puppies are not born with the best manners and sometimes their impulses outweigh their sense of safety or concern for those around them.


Start in Quite Place

It is important to choose a quite place where there are no distractions especially in the beginning.

Make your Puppy Sit

Give "Sit" command to your puppy. Once your puppy sits, don't give him reward right away. Wait for few seconds first and then you can reward your puppy with treats or anything.

Repeat and Increase the Delay

Ask your puppy to sit again but this time, wait a few more seconds before giving him a treat. Do these multiple times, each time increasing the delay between the sit command and their reward.

Introduce the Stay Command

Repeat the above steps until your puppy hold sit for at least 15 seconds. At this time, you can begin using the "Stay" command. Simply say "Stay" and pair this word command with hand signal like showing him your finger in front of him or open palm in front of him. Always give your puppy a treat to reward their obedience.

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Introduce the Release Command

Now introduce the release command. Start by telling your puppy to sit, then after 15 seconds, give your "Release" command. A release command might be a hand signal like lifting your hand up or use words like "ok" , "Go" or anything. Give your puppies some treats at this point also.

Increase the Distance

Now, you can add distance between you when giving them command or having them hold the Stay command for longer. With a gradual increase in the amount of distance and time you ask to stay, your puppy will eventually be able to remain stationary when you cross the entire room. Then he will be able to learn the out-of-sight stay also. You can just give the Stay command and take one step out of the room and then immediately step back into the room and return to your puppy. If he has maintained his position, then give him a treat.

Once your puppy has become a pro, you can start using it in everyday scenarios like walks, while putting his collar, etc.

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