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I'll probably write this and then the powers-that-be will create a Capsule to do in a few seconds what may take a while to create. Which is fine by me! I wish there was such a capsule! But in the meantime you can do it the way I've done it.


How to use Search Engines keywords to increase traffic on Hubpages

Using Search Engines keywords is a useful traffic optimization strategy that can improve article performance on traffic. This article discusses how to use Search Engines keywords to increase traffic on Hubpages.


How to Make More Money From Your Blog

Blogging is a multi-million-dollar sector now. There are a number of reasons why people may consider launching a blog. To express their thoughts and opinions, to promote or market a product, to help others, or to help yourself.


Hitting the Big One-Hundred Mark: I'm Strangely Disinterested

Well, this is hopefully going to be my hundredth article featured here on HubPages. Just to go with the flow, I have decided to do a little piece about how I feel it is going here, among other fluff.


How to Build a Shelf for the Side of Your Above Ground Pool

DIY Pool shelf for your above ground pool. I built this on a 25' round Intex pool. You can, as shown in video, customize it to fit your pool.


Hubpages, I Quit!

Hubpages was my favourite place to write years back. However, the platform has lots its appeal. Writing on Medium is an easy, breezy fun affair and you get rewarded handsomely for it. Hubpages feels like a job to me, I am bored of it.


Rain Are Blessing!

Everytime when the rains its coming its reminds me of happy and sadness, it makes me happy because I feel lucky to have a home that is a shelter that prevent me from getting poured by the rain. But its make me sad meantime for over millions people...


Making Money Online - Hitting 100 Hubs - Progress on HubPages

Can you make money online? Am I making money? Sure,I am. Follow progress on Hubpages and online writing. More is possible, and I have many supporters to thank.


50 One Sentence Tips to Increase Traffic Without Google

Hate the continual Google changes? Here's how to build up ongoing traffic from other sources (and help impress Google in the process).


Going Viral: How I Got 5000 Hub Views in 24 Hours by Utilizing Facebook

A look a how an article on Hub Pages received 5000+ views in 24 hours.


Increase Your Traffic - How to Add Your Hubpages Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

How to add a sitemap to hubpages? Can you add a sitemap to hubpages? Step by step instructions how to add sitemap to hubpages.


What Should I Do With UnFeatured Hubs?

So your Hub is UnFeatured. What should you do about it? Do you improve it, or delete it? Can you use it elsewhere? What are your options?


The Most Popular Topics on HubPages: Here's What People Follow on This Site

Ever wonder which topics are hot on this site? This hub reveals which topics have the most followers and which have the most articles.


Who is this DJ Funktual anyway?

Okay, you wanted to know about me. Well, here's more info than anyone should ever want.


How I Earn a Passive Income on Hubpages

An article about my experience on HubPages and how I earn a passive income by writing online articles.


26 Hubbers Who Have Inspired Me

Hubpages is a very inspirational site. Read this article to find some of the most inspiring writers here on the site and be prepared to be inspired, too!


Knoji (the rip-off site formerly known as Factoidz)

Things have changed at Factoidz. And it's now known as Knoji. The comments on this hub are most enlightening, I suggest you only skim through the information on this page (which reflect how Factoidz USED to work) and read the first hand experiences...


What Is HubPages And How Does It Work?

HubPages is not all about making money. In this tutorial we will give a brief overview on what HubPages is and how does it really work?


6 Tips For Using Pictures & Videos on HubPages

Review six ways to boost interest in your writing through proper application of picture and video capsules, and note several pitfalls to avoid.


Nick Vujicic, Living Life With Purpose

The students were squirming, chatting, and trying to figure out how to text without being spotted. They were waiting for the little film clip to begin. You could tell by their faces that they thought it was going to be one more run of the mill...


Who is Peter John Lawrence

An introduction to Peter and his background and to show his experiences re personal development though many trails.


How to Write an Effective SEO Blog Post: Tips for Freelance Content Writers

Featuring well-written, SEO structured blog can drive more site traffic and help build a solid online presence. Here are a few tips to produce this kind of blog for your clients.


Why I Removed My Articles from Hub Pages

My short relationship with HubPages was terminated by me after I did one thing. I remained well within the guidelines but that didn' t matter. This may help you avoid my issue.


Boost Your HubScore

While HubScores mean nothing outside HubPages, they do effect things internally. To boost HubScores or improve your AuthorScore review your Hubs against the checklist given here.


HubPages 3.0: Death of a Community

It seems HP is more concerned with making money than nurturing writers and the community they’ve created on what once was the greatest platform for creative minds to express themselves.


Oh, No! The Paste Icon Has Frozen My Computer Screen in HubPages!

HubPages provides valuable tools for anyone to compose quality articles. However, there is this one glitch on this same platform in which the paste icon locks up the computer screen insofar as you cannot get out of it without losing all the contents of a capsule. I'll show you what to do next.


How to Get Readers for Your Hubs

Backlinks are simply links TO your Hub FROM other places on the internet. Backlinks are essential, but the rules have recently changed. Get backlinks the wrong way, and you could do more harm than good!


30 Articles in 30 Days Challenge and Results

Has your love for writing blossomed into something bigger? What have you learned from writing? In this article, I share what I learned after completing my 30 articles in 30 days writing challenge, and why you should consider a 30 day challenge too! Read until the end to learn more.


Is Hubpages Ad Program killing Adsense Earnings?

Is Hubpages Ad Program killing Adsense earnings? This report is from March 23, 2011 up to April 30, 2011.


My HubPages 7 Deadly Sins

A brutally honest account of the biggest mistakes I've made on HubPages.


10,000 Views, 100 Followers and 50 Hubs

I have finally published 50 hubs. It has taken me awhile to get here and I have learned a lot along the way. I have tips for the new Hubpages member and thanks for all my viewers and followers.


Google's Author Rank Rewards High Quality Websites - Why Low Quality Content Hurts Your Site

Traffic and inactivity are only part of the equation that determines how your website will be ranked. Author Rank is a way that Google rewards websites for providing good and relevant content. In order to provide what Google considers good content and rank high, learn first, what Google considers a low quality website.


What Kind of Income Can You Really Expect on HubPages?

Can you really make money writing on Hub Pages and if so, how much is realistic? I have researched this question and found that there are two versions of what we are told we can expect to earn as income on HP. Here's what I found...


Hubpages On-Page Seo Guide 2018

If you want to increase your organic traffic on the HubPages niche sites or anywhere on the internet for that matter, this is the best guide out there.


How To "Tweak" An Online Article

Ten great ideas for tweaking your online article, targeted especially at tweaking hubs, but ideas are applicable to any online articles.


Google Attacks Our HubPages (Do the Math, Numbers Don't Lie)

The giant Google monster is going head to head with our beloved hub pages. One thing that's for sure in this world is that numbers don't lie. At this moment in time what the numbers are indicating aren't exactly favorable for our hub pages. You can take a look at the figures for yourself, because all of the math is done here for you.


Choosing a User Name and Profile on HubPages

Welcome to HubPages! If you are new to this wonderful online community of writers, you may want to read these suggestions before you set up your account. When you set up your account, you will need to choose a permanent profile name. This profile name is your window to the world, so choose it wisely. This hub offers some tips for setting up your HubPages Profile.


3 Ways to Increase Your Earnings on HubPages

This article includes my three best tips to earn more money as a writer on HubPages. Read on to see how you can earn more money on HubPages also!


Kyler J. Falk: "2021’s Most Likely to Go Viral"

A thank you, shoutout, recognition, and critical article focusing on my experience here on HubPages, and winning my first Hubbie Award. It's been a good run, and I'd like to address everyone collectively. It feels weird winning an award for my writing.


Build a Wordpress Blog to Drive More Traffic to Your Works.

Build your own WordPress Home Site and drive traffic to your articles, use their free templates and end up with your own centralized location for others to access to all of your writings, Blogs, and other sites.


How to Write a Successful Humorous Article on HubPages

Do you believe there's no room for humor on HubPages? Nonsense! You just have to know how to do it right!


How To Increase Comments On HubPages

Are you looking for feedback? Are you interested in becoming an active member of a writing community? Then read on and find out how it is accomplished.


Hub score - Hubris?

Hubs are scored. This affects almost all people. This hub addresses how the scoring affects the writers.


How to Build a Fountain for your Above Ground Pool

DIY fountain build for an above ground pool. For under $30.00 (for the fountain alone) the cost for extending it from the filter will vary based on your set-up. The entire build (for me) with all the extra pieces was under $50.00.


How Many Page Views Did it Take to Reach My First Hubpages $50 Payout?

Exploring how many page views it takes to reach Hubpage's $50.00 first payout requirement and how I finally increased traffic to my hubs.


10 Free Stock Photo Websites: Royalty Free Images for Bloggers

You don’t need to buy photos just to include it to your design or article once. Here’s a list of some of the most well-known sites for free stock photos and some of those that...


How To Search, Use And Attribute Photos And Images From Wiki Commons In Hubs

Finding and using images in articles and hubs is of paramount importance as a great number of online writing earns the writer money. To know how you can incorporate images with proper attribution to the author, read on...


Being Stupid Isn't Easy! You Could Be Their Next Victim

A Rant on living in a world with so many Stupid People affecting how I live, without my permission. The first thing a person needs to do is recognize the signs of Stupidity, then be prepared.


An Illustrated Guide for Pruning An Overgrown Apple Tree

Without careful attention to pruning and other culturlal practices, an apple tree can become to tall, to wide, to dense in the middle and it looks unmanageable. However, it is not as difficult to rejuvinate as it looks.   It will require laying...


My First Month on HubPages

My first month has come and gone and I have to say that this Hubpages thing is very addicting. It is also a lot of fun and even though I've only been here one month I can see the potential of this. I don't know where I'll be with this in 6 months or a year from now but I certainly hope to still be an active member of this community.


10 Tips & Tricks For Writing Better Hubpage Articles

I've been writing for hubpages for several years and have many featured articles. Here are some tips and tricks for writing better hubpage articles.


Budget Travel Tips

This hub is about traveling while spending smart. Getting the most out of your vacation dollar, and seeing what you can without paying more than what is necessary. Hopefully it is a guide that will help you go see the world instead of wishing you were.