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Synth Single Review: "Night Lights/Oltre le nuvole" by Spadwave

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Spadwave’s Night Lights/Oltre le nuvole mingles darkness and power with more gentle and delicate sensations. “Night Lights” begins as an intense bass void descends below a tense arpeggio that spins nervously, adding to the feeling of growing worry. Digital-sounding synth trails along in a haunted line over the endlessly whirling arpeggios and the bass rumbles at tremendous depth.

Hollow, delicate synth carries a spectral, fragile note pattern while the worried arpeggios keep spinning below. Sharp-edged, elevated synth cuts in buzzing lines over the dark depths and a hollow sound drifts as a female voice cries out in tremulous notes. Heavy shadows roil and tightly spinning arpeggios raise the sense of threat before the music fades.

Warm, swelling synth chords yearn over a jagged bass pulse as “Oltre le nuvole” begins. A wandering piano carries a softly touching melody as sweeping air rushes into the music. Rapidly oscillating bass undulates as quick choral bursts add drama. There’s a crescendo and a raised synth sings in flashing melodic motion, reaching upwards.

Heavy, powerful drums charge into the music as chimes sparkle, the vocal exhalations continue and the oscillating bass drives the music. The lead synth is glassy, clean and carries a melody that aches with passion and climbs to the sky over the throbbing drums and bass. Choral bursts punctuate everything and we end on caressing notes.

© 2022 Karl Magi

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