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Top 5 Most Popular Dessert Places in San Antonio, Texas

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This list is based on prior customer reviews.

5. Cinnaholic

Cinnaholic offers huge delicious desserts that you can share and still have leftovers. All their desserts taste homemade, and they have many options. They may be a little pricey, but you will acknowledge why after you taste their amazing cinnamon roll.

4. That Cookie Tho

The fresh and top-notch cookies provided at this spot are unmatched. Their cookies are so creative. They are a bit pricey, but you will appreciate the effort after tasting their scrumptious cookies. Additionally, they have many delicious flavors to choose from, and the presentation is impeccable.

3. Honchos- The House of Churros

At Honchos, they take their churros to a new level. They offer classic churros of new shapes and flavors that no one can resist. The staff is friendly, and the ambiance makes it a great choice for yummy churros. Although this restaurant is small, it offers many sauce options that make it worth the trip.

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2. Laika Cheesecake & Espresso

This locally owned boutique takes pride in serving unique and gourmet cheesecakes in jars or slices. Their signature cheesecake is to die for and all of their desserts have stunning decorations. They offer a large variety of options.

1. Chocollazo

Chocollazo has handmade Belgian chocolate truffles and other chocolate confections. They have many great options to choose from and unique flavors. The chocolates are sweet and smooth, and they are moderately priced.

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