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Traditional Athens at It's Best! Take the Plaka Walking Tour

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Traditional Athens at It's Best! Take the Plaka Walking Tour

Athens has a history like no other city. In my opinion, it's one of the coolest places in the world! There is a spectacular mix of the ancient and the modern worlds in every step you take!

The Plaka

Located right below the Acropolis, the Plaka is the oldest district in Athens. It happens to be my favorite area in Athens. Pedestrian only makes it nice to wander through, looking at the shops, stopping at the cafes, and enjoying the always fabulous food at the plethora of restaurants.

Location, Location, Location!

In the 70s, the Plaka was considered to be the nightclub district. Loud music and tons of partying gave it a bit of a seedy reputation. Since then, the city took control over its reputation, shedding the hedonistic feeling that Plaka had earned and is now more of a tourist destination.

One of the great things about this district is its location. Again, right below the Acropolis, it is also located a short walk from Syntagma square, the main hub of Athens. If you are walking from Syntagma to the Acropolis, you actually have to walk through the Plaka to reach your destination. Syntagma is a destination all on its own. There you will find the Greek Parliament and enjoy watching the hourly changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier and the National Gardens of Greece. Situated around Syntagma are the three great hotels of Athens, shops, restaurants, and cafes. The square is often the scene of peaceful protests, national parades, and the main public metro station. It can be a loud and crazy place. But the Plaka offers a respite to the organized chaos and again, it's just a short walking distance away.

The Plaka and the Athens Expereince

Yes, I admit, the Plaka district is a bit touristy. But, that being said, it's one of those places that you can't miss when spending time in Athens.

Many of the shops cater to tourists with cheesy souvenirs. But, if you have a discerning eye and patience, you can find some true treasures there. On one visit to Athens, and subsequently the Plaka district, I found a cobbler who made me a pair of boots. They are absolutely exquisite and conger up memories of that trip every time I wear them. The price of the boots was 60 Euros. The price of the memories is Priceless!

Aside from tourist souvenir shops, there are also international brand stores along with local restaurants and international brand restaurants.

My Experience in the Plaka

On my last visit to Athens, I stayed in a boutique hotel located within the Plaka district. It had old-world charm, with great prices, and the location made it perfect! Located next to a bakery, it was heavenly to wake up to the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries.

Although I had been to Athens many times, it had been years since I had been to the Acropolis, and my plan one day was to go and be a tourist. Having booked my Acropolis reservation through Viator, I woke up, grabbed a quick coffee and pastry, and off I went. Winding through the Plaka's narrow streets, within 10 minutes, I stood at the entry to the Acropolis. This was an especially nice visit since the last couple of times I had visited the Acropolis, it was under renovation, so there was scaffolding everywhere. On that visit, I was able to enjoy the ruins without scaffolding and the chaotic sounds of the renovations.

The Plaka is truly a wonderful place and for that reason, I have placed below a walking tour video for you to enjoy a virtual experience.

I hope you have enjoyed the video and my personal experience. I humbly ask you to live your dreams of travel. Come back often, read about the destinations in this glorious world of ours, and travel to them. Book those trips and enjoy the offerings of our world.

Until Next time, friends, remember, "To Travel is to Live!!"

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