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Are We In A Relationship


Are We A Couple or Not ?

The question you have to ask, but your afraid to ask! What are we? Are we a couple? And he says we don’t need a title.
If there’s no title there no relationship! Just know this some people may want to take there time. But others may want to use you for whatever it is your satisfying At the time in their life. And keep you locked down for their satisfaction until their done. Now this doesn’t necessarily have to be sex! That’s right it’s not always sex a man’s after. It could be something you do that satisfying to him. It could be your company, money, the way you show attention to him, or just wasting time until Miss Right comes along. And some people just aren’t willing to commit. Are want it open so they are free to do as they please. And use the fact that your not in a relationship to juggle you and whomever else around. So titles are important. But at the same time when a penis is hard the head attached will say anything to get in, so don’t trust pillow talk. And definitely don’t trust a married man saying, I’m going to tell her. I love you, he won’t tell until he gets caught. And even if he gets caught he will deny it. And possibly ask you too lie for him. Don’t tell him to face his dirty truths or continue to lie to his wife. And leave him alone move on. Don’t waste years of your life being a booty call. Up until he’s 10 years into a marriage that he’s going to either say hes their for the children, shes going to take all he worked for, or the best her heart isn’t what it was when we got together so I feel obligated. You just dont understand I love you. And your not just a sex object too me. Baby Girl you are and your probably the glue keeping the marriage together. Only because you love and respect him and don’t want to hurt him or see him hurt. But he’s hurting you and saying he cares. Lies lies lies! He’s still taking your time years of your life wasted. And when it comes to the choice, your tripping you knew I was married. But pillow talk and love will make a women waste her time.

We Are Just Friends

So you run into him and another women. And he sees you. Your probably like the little lady in the Movie, – The Color Purple! Harpos who’s that there women? And you start a fight or seen. Never fight or embarrassed yourself over someone that doesn’t value you enough to out a title on your relationship. So he introduce you as the friend and you’ve been cooking , cleaning, making sure he has lunch, making love to him. But your the friend what can you say. Untitled relationship so he can do what he wants too. Sometimes you have to put your foot down stand your ground and mean it.

Keep It Lady Like


I can’t honestly say what I would do. Depending on how deep things were. Some may confront him in front of her. Are walk away and never respond too his call, email, text, visits to your door pleading. Keep it Lady like respect your self don’t embarrass your self.Give him up he ain’t worth you time. Just another way of weeding the good guys and not so serious guys out your life. Don’t become a booty call nor the side chick. You have no role your getting played. And the fact the relationship had no title your heart broken in the end. Titled relationships get mishandles too I promise theirs a player in a title relation or a untitle relationship.Know your place in a man’s life. Don’t just be a something he’s doing now for the time or a stepping stone. Until he finds whom he wants to be with. Know your worth and where you stand period!

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