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Weapons of Mass Destruction of Modern Time

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Modern Weapons of Mass Destruction

Modern Weapons of Mass Destruction

Modern Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction

The weapons which can kill thousand and can cause permanent disability, painful death are called Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Nuclear Weapons -

They which can kill thousands and millions and can cause unimaginable destruction are most lethal WMD. They are considered till date most dangerous.

They are used by America in Hiroshima Japan.

There were accidents in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The second accident was in Japan during Tsunami in Nuclear Power Plant.

Micro Version of Nuclear Weapons were used in Gulf War and Afghanistan by Allied Forces.

Chemical Weapons - Weapons of Mass Destruction

They are very painful. Gas and Chemical Bombs are used. The death is very painful. Even though they are banned, but used regularly in war.

Syria used it against its own people. Israel used against Palestinian. Chemical weapons can damage permanently. Even though it is used, but international community failed to take any actions against such culprits.

Pallet Guns - Even though use of pallet guns are banned under UN Convention it is used in Kashmir by Indian Forces.

No action is ever taken by Indian Government. Such blatant violation must be punished.

Biological Weapons

They remained untested and mostly not claimed. Even though there were number of labs under UN regulations and many more without regulations, but Biological Weapons remained unclaimed.

I personally feel, Corona Virus is an experiment in using Biological Weapons. It is gone wrong and out of control of everyone. I do not know who started. China or USA, or it gone out accidentally, still it was beyond control of everyone.

Similar Challenges does exists, more control and understanding needed for future use of Biological Weapons.

Cryptocurrency is WMD



Changing Technology of Destruction

Today world is interconnected and we see how life is affected. World is taken over by Digital System. Our life is controlled by Digital System.

Here are most Modern Weapons of Mass Destruction and how they can destroy this world.

Lehman Brothers Collapse and Financial Crisis and Crash

Lehman Brothers Collapse in 2008 and it followed by Crash of Global Financial Market. Lehman Brothers was One of World's oldest Financial Institution. Known for long success track unfortunately collapse.

The only reason is Lies and Frauds, nothing else. The collapse caused Global Financial Crash. The reason is Derivatives.

Derivatives are known as instruments which are suppose to manage risk. Unfortunately they are the one who are Risk in itself. Transfer of Risk or selling of Risk is not solution. Risk must be shared. So that it can be distributed and shared.

I am going to next level of Product which can cause Global Mayhem.

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Cryptocurrency of all Types and Bitcoin

Crypto Currencies are not regulated by government institutions. This is biggest risk of the system. The rules can be changed. There is no Transparency. The value is jacked up by creating shortages.

The Vanishing Exchanges

South Africa Crypto Exchange Vanished after 3.6 Billion USD is gone missing from Client Account.

Turkey Popular Exchange Owner gone missing with 2 billion USD

Mt Gox is one of biggest exchange gone missing in 2014.

The missing Cryptocurrency Exchanges are most important Risk. They gone missing regularly, there is no Control on these Exchanges. There is no regulations and Minimum Criteria, or Transparency and Governance structure, this makes them easy to start business and runaway with money.

Every Year many exchanges are gone missing or vanished, which caused Billions of Dollars in Loss to investors.

The Hack, Scam, and Fraud

The Fluctuations of value

The Opinion of Different Financial Institutions Heads


Total 14 Billion USD has lost in scams in 2022. These scams are mostly fishing scams, vanishing crypto exchanges and theft.

There are different types of Scams, Finishing, and Frauds, Hacks.

Phishing is another big threat to Crypto Currencies.

Demanding Crypto-Only Payments

Anonymous or Fake Identities

Cryptocurrency Investment Schemes

Phishing Scams


Big Scams




Pincoin rug pull:

Posing As Celebs:



Poly Network:

Wormhole Hack:

What Global Leader Say About Cryptocurrency

  • Christine Lagarde says crypto is worth nothing
  • Stablecoins that are not backed by assets to support them are a “pyramid,” Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the International Monetary Fund
  • The Central Bank Chief of different Countries, Fed Cheif are talking about risk of investing in Crypto Currency and its effect.
  • China, India and many other countries are trying to banned or regulate it.

It is very High Risk Asset without any regulation and control and oversight.

Vanishing Value in Cryptocurrencies - Gharar or Fluctuations in Value.

IMF said Stablecoins are Ponzi Scheme. They are not backed by USD, they have zero value. IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva.

The Fluctuating value of Cryptocurrencies is single biggest concern.

The Currencies has Rise Suddenly and collapsed. Millions of investors lost all their money.

All major Cryptocurrencies, has lost their value.

There is no transparency.

There is no Governance.

There is no Audit

It has resulted into collapsed.


Metaverse is another new Investment Paradigm. It is important to understand what it is. Why it is nothing but Air Bubble.

Metaverse is Virtual World, which only exists Virtually. The World is just another place park excess money but without any use. The world of Metaverse is about creating Virtual World, Town, Garden, anything like whole country and then selling it to the investors.

They are worth nothing. Not controlled, governed and licensed. There is no regulatory authority, no government, without this it is just scam.

Vanishing Crypto Exchanges

No To Occupation

No to Occupation  Ukraine Palestine Kashmir

No to Occupation Ukraine Palestine Kashmir

Why Do I Call them Weapons of Mass Destruction

Lessons from Lehman Brothers Collapse

Lehman Brothers Collapse caused crash of Global Financial Market and loss of trillions of dollars. This was basically collapse of Derivatives. Financial Market is regulated, oversight and control system, still market crashed. Central Banks and Governments has to intervene and provide rescue to save the system. All central banks gave rescue and gave huge liquidity to the market and even after more than 12 years, they failed to unwind the liquidity provided.

The government was able save the system but millions lost their jobs, and thrown into poverty and died.

Cryptocurrency and Metaverse - Weapons of Mass Destruction

Single Biggest Challenge for Financial System is, Cryptocurrencies and Metaverse are not Regulated. There is no role of regulating authorities is these so called assets class.

The owner makes rules, he can change the rule, there is no Transparency into transactions. There is no reasons, why only these numbers of coins can be created.

There is no third party, independent audits of transactions. Small or big, every company perform their audit and it is made mandatory by law. This Trillions of Dollars Transactions don't need third party audit.

Oversight - There is no independent oversight. Dark web transactions are moved to Cryptocurrencies. Corruptions, Organized Crimes and Terrorist organizations can well hide behind these Currencies.

What will Happen if Cryptocurrencies Collapse/Metaverse Collapse

These assets are not regulated and there is no oversight. Really speaking Central Banks and Government really don't know how big is the size of these Poisonous assets. Once they start collapsing, no government has means to restored the order. These assets can bring down whole Financial System of the World. It has powers to bring down most powerful.

Government will remain without means to control the collapse. There can not be rescue, to whom government will give rescue. They are not known.

The collapse of system can bring down world order. There will be Mass Hunger, Deaths and Food Riots. Because of this disorder many governments can collapse. This is enough to kill millions without using the a Bullets, without using Nuclear Bombs.

Information Bomb - Cyber Attack

Information Bomb / Cyber Bomb

We are living in connected world. Our Every activity is interconnected and controlled through computers and internet. This system of connected computers can collapse.


Transport, Travel, Logistic

Banking and Finance

Everything is connected. Even the early warning system of Weather is connected and monitored. Every information all day we receive on our Mobile, TV, Social Media, everything, is connected and controlled.

Imagine a day, one by one it collapsed. It is very much possible that our Power Greed can be stopped, our Banking can collapsed and stopped and our Mobile Networks can Stop.

Logistics and Transports can suddenly come to stopped. Yes, it is Scary but possible. There are Technology, Information Bomb or Cyber Bomb can cause and bring everything to standstill.

This is Greatest of all Risk presently

Most of Countries are not ready.

Most of Minds not ready.

Be prepared, one day it can come, it can come suddenly.

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