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Why Is It Said That Too Much Is Not Good For Anything?

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Why Is It Said That Too Much Is Not Good For Anything?

Everything in life is not just as bad or good as black and white. But there is also a fine dividing line between it, which most people do not recognize. In fact, our behavior should also be something between the two extremes. That we take care of our needs and happiness with others. Sacrifice and philanthropy are certainly very good feelings. But before helping others, it is also very important for us to valuation our abilities. Just like passengers sitting on a plane are requested to fasten their seat belts first. Similarly, we will be able to help the people around us only when we ourselves are healthy and capable.

People who try to keep others happy by sacrificing all their happiness. They are not able to maintain such good behavior for long. After some time, the fret starts growing in their minds thinking that I take care of everyone. But no one cares about me at all. Due to being in such a mood constantly the person starts to have psychological problems like.. stress and anxiety. So, while helping others we should also take care of our health and economic condition.


Identify Sharing Limits

The sharing of thoughts, feelings with the people around us is good social behavior. & To some extent it is also very important because in social life everyone needs each other's help. The issue begins when people cannot identify the difference between.. how much to share with someone. For example, you can share your heart with family members living under the same roof. Such as parents, brothers and sisters, life partners and children.

But here we need to keep in mind that if parents are elderly, do not tell them anything that they are likely to be worried. Similarly, children should not mention serious family issues. It can hurt their gentle feelings. You can talk about some issues with teenagers. Because many times they also help parents find solutions. No matter how good you have relationships with people outside the family. Such as relatives, neighbors, colleagues and a friend. Before sharing anything related to your personal life with them.. You must think about the loss it will cause. In this way, there should also be a definite limit to the exchange of gifts. If you give frequent or very expensive gifts to a close person. Then it will make him feel overwhelmed by them. This will make your relationship uncomfortable. That is why, as far as possible, avoid the habit of asking people to borrow money or things. If there is any such need accidentally, do not forget to repay their debt as soon as possible after seeking help.

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Silence Is The Best

Transparency in relationships is very essential. That's why one should always speak the truth to loved ones. Still, it also depends on the circumstances. It is better to tell any person about his faults and weaknesses than to criticize him in his absence. This will help him to improve his habits. But, there are some people who do not easily accept healthy criticism. In such a situation, it would be better to remain silent than to spoil the relationship.. By speaking the truth in front of the other person. Yes, if a person asks you for advice, then politely point out his mistakes.


Don't Grow Your Distance

The concept of social behavior also changes with time. In the olden days, people were advised to stay very close together. Then, after economic liberalization, individualistic thinking began to be given importance in society. Then people began to feel that we should have the freedom to live our lives in our own way. We should also spend some time with ourselves in solitude. Then relationship experts also started advising people during counseling that.. To maintain the sweetness of relationships in family or social life. Need to give each other some personal space.

So, no matter how close the relationship is, we should avoid peeping into the private lives of others. Even about married relationships. It was said that people should respect the privacy of their life partner. It is also wrong to check the diary or mobile of the other person without his consent.

The same thing said about the parents relationship with teenagers. But after some time, everyone started to feel that.. This is increasing the distance in the relationship. Due to hesitation, now people are not able to ask each other's condition like before. Nor do they try to find solutions to the problems related to someone's personal life. So in today's era, it has become necessary to adopt a balanced attitude for the ease of relationships. In which, taking care of each other's needs, it is possible to respect the feeling of privacy.

Avoid Extreme Humility

Decent treatment of everyone is definitely helpful in building good social relations. But, if a person tries to take undue advantage of your tolerance and humility or treats you badly.. Then in such a situation, you should try to change your behavior. We should not lose the dignity of our manners. But when a person tries to harm us in any way with his actions or behavior, then we must make him realize his mistake. Similarly, in our daily behavior, it is very important to keep in mind that.. Everyone has to protect their self-esteem on their own. Thus, if a person treats you badly or often ignores your words.. Then it is very essential to politely stop him from doing so. In this way, with some such small efforts.. There will be ease in your family, social and professional relationships.

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